Making the Move to Mineral Makeup

Making the Move to Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has quickly gained widespread popularity and changed the face of beauty. More & more women are stocking their makeup bag with mineral products. Why choose Mineral Fusion over traditional products? Here are four reasons to make the switch:

#1 – Simple, easy application.

You won’t need the skills of a professional makeup artist to wear Mineral Fusion cosmetics. We’ve created products that are easy to apply and brushes that ensure flawless application. Mineral Fusion’s pressed powders help to simply your entire routine, with no messy loose powders to deal with.

#2 – Pure, natural ingredients.

We’ve chosen only the best natural ingredients for Mineral Fusion cosmetics. Our products are hypo-allergenic and free from parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, gluten, talc, and phthalates to ensure that even the most sensitive skin stays beautiful.

#3 – Fresh, beautiful looks.

One of the biggest advantages to using mineral makeup is the naturally beautiful look that you can achieve. Our minerals instantly even skin tone & minimize the appearance of fine lines without looking “made-up.” With buildable color, you can customize your coverage for perfect makeup every time.

#4 – Healthy, radiant skin.

Mineral makeup encourages healthier skin. At Mineral Fusion, we want your skin to look & feel better after using our products. Minerals offer natural UV protection to protect your skin from the premature aging that sun exposure causes. We’ve enriched our products with age-defying antioxidants and skin-soothing botanicals to give you extra care with your color.